Monitor and control your waste water system through your smart phone, while saving energy and reducing costs!

Proper water quality and animal health are still critical.  If you are not holding a healthy, dormant animal, your customer will not get a healthy and lively animal when he opens the box half a world away.  


"APS gave us the ability to become a large player in the live lobster business, and we presently ship worldwide. Europe, Asia, United States; we even ship to the Middle East."

-Francis Morrissey, Royal Star Foods

Many lobster pounds are lacking in cooling capacity.  This is not your fault.  Chances are you are paying for enough power to get the job done.  But the chillers sold to you are inadequate for the job.

Adding more water to your tanks 24/7, 365 days a year!

-Paul Merlin, Cape d'Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc.

"APS brings imagination and innovation with them.
 I don't know  
of a company that's any better at that in North America."