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From the Dalhousie University Co-Op Office: Employer Helps Student Recover from Housing Scam

This fall, Jerome Gulavic, a Mechanical Engineering co-op student was prepared to start his first work term at Aqua Production Systems. Excited for this opportunity, he moved from Halifax to New Glasgow, where he had connected with a landlord and secured housing--or so he thought.

When Jerome arrived in New Glasgow, there was another family living in his accommodations. In other words, he was scammed. Jerome explained the situation and the family allowed him to stay with them for the night.

Pictured: Jerome and his supervisor, Wayne

The next day, Jerome contacted his co-op supervisor, Wayne, and immediately, the Aqua Production Systems family sprang into action. The company moved Jerome into a hotel, paid for his room, and helped him find suitable accommodations that met his budget. Aqua Production Systems even reimbursed Jerome the money that he was initially scammed!

When asked about Jerome, Aqua Production Systems were full of praise. They said Jerome arrived with a smile on his face day one, has a great personality and has been an amazing fit for their company. Incredibly, Jerome is designing a $200,000 marine project--something that the company never allows students on their first work term to do--and Aqua Production Systems already has their eyes set on securing Jerome for a future work term!

This story demonstrates how work-integrated learning is a great opportunity for both employers and students. Aqua Production Systems is providing Jerome with a hands on learning experience, while Jerome is making a significant impact within their company.

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