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Stop Sending Your Lobster Up Mount Everest!

Consider this story about how the fittest among us deal with low oxygen exposure:

“Mountaineers climbing Everest establish a camp at the base of the mountain, and four higher camps before reaching the summit. For the next 30 days or so, they will move up, then down again, allowing their bodies to get used to the reduced oxygen content of the air. This process is called acclimatization.

Acclimatizing properly is essential to safely ascend to high altitudes. Climbers acclimatize by ascending slowly, resting one day for every 1,000 feet they climb in one day. They drink plenty of liquids and eat healthy food. They also practice a rule of thumb: climb high, sleep low. Climbing high, then descending to lower altitudes allows the body to build up and gain strength with fresh oxygen, digest food better, get sounder sleep and any wounds can heal and they'll feel much stronger by descending. It also allows them to build up their bodies, worn from the low O2 content, with fresh oxygen.”

Lobster arrive at your facility having had an all-you-can-eat buffet in the trap, then being taken from their natural habitat, handled 2-3 times, stuffed into a crate etc. Even if we handled the product with the utmost care, the lobster entered the tank in a stressed condition, likely with minor injuries. Then they get thrown in your tank. The least we can do is give them the oxygen needed for digestion, healing, and relaxation.

Asking lobster to acclimatize to low oxygen is asking too much and will result in mortality in your purge tank.

Oxygen is the cheapest water quality fix there is. Call us at 902-746-3855 to ask how or request by email:

Yes, we do sell the materials (and at the best price), but we will also tell you where else to buy them if you want to shop around. The important thing here is that you fix your oxygen situation (which will start to fix your bottom line by reducing the number of deads you pay for).

PS: Every lb of dead lobster is costing your bottom line $14 to $18 (you paid $6 to $8 and intended to sell for $8 to $10). How many live lobster do you have to sell to make up for your deads? Call us 902-746-3855 or email for a free 2 minute assessment to determine the cost of deads to your bottom line.

Philip Nickerson, B.Eng.

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