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  • Has a very small footprint, approx. 6 square feet

  • Integrates simply, requires only an injection point

  • Imparts infusion only minutes per hour very low power draw

  • Uses plant compressed air

  • Imparts infusion automatically, no technician intervention

  • Eliminates liquid biocide storage

  • Uses a simple resin cartridge, changed monthly



  • No more having to take heat exchanger apart every month

  • Removes need for chlorination treatments

  • Saves considerable energy

  • Prevents exchangers from getting dirty due to bio-fouling

  • Has an elemental iodine vapor core and membrane

  • Are rapidly bactericidal providing 6 log reduction in 90 seconds

  • Produce extremely low residue

  • Segregate the iodine vapor core for downstream disinfection

  • Powerful residual disinfection without high residue

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