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CO 2 Chillers

CO 2 is a natural refrigerant and a very environmentally friendly and sustainable choice compared to the commonly used synthetic alternatives. 


Here's some quick facts about CO 2:

- Some markets are only buying seafood produced using natural refrigerants

- Environmental advocates and NGOs promote it which means better public opinion and ease of new aquaculture license approvals

- CO2 is one of the only "future-proof" refrigerants... meaning it will not be phased out.  In contrast, most conventional refrigerants that are popular now are slated for phase-out before the end-of-life of the equipment they are in. 

- In almost all cases, CO2 chillers are a more energy efficient choice than chillers with conventional refrigerants by 15 to 40%

CO2 Chiller Information and Advantages
APS Chiller
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