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The Importer Tank

An Aqua Production System Importer Tank is built for anyone importing live seafood Whether you’re working with lobster, oysters, mussels, clams, eels or even flounder, this tank allows you to hold your catch for months without jeopardizing its health, well being, taste or freshness. Simply set the necessary temperature ideal for the type of catch being stored, and the tank does the rest.

Our Importer Tank holds up to one thousand pounds of product loosely, or in floating tanks. A top-notch aeration system ensures oxygen levels are always kept at the perfect level.

The necessary maintenance for this tank is quite basic, and will be explained in full upon purchase. Regular monitoring of the water quality is a must, and media may need to be changed, depending on how your tank is being used.

The base model of this tank is rated for indoor installation where air temperature is less than 22°C.  If installed in different conditions, custom refrigeration designs may be necessary.

Over time, the chiller on your Importer Tank may need maintenance or repair – which any licensed refrigeration technician should be able to handle. Our team of experienced professionals is also available to support remotely via phone/email/video as needed.

One part of the necessary maintenance is changing the water when needed. Frequency of this task will vary with species, temperature, and overall, how you’re using your Importer Tank. We will train you what to measure and how to measure the parameters that will tell you if water should be changed. On average, the first water change is required after the first 2-6 weeks. Subsequent changes will continue to be further apart, up to 3-6 months apart once consistent operation is established.

The default version of the tank requires 220V/1/60Hz or 50Hz power supply for operation.  Other options available upon request.

Email us today for more information on these revolutionary Importer Tanks.

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