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Introducing a fishing industry game-changer, the APS Mobile Live Seafood Holding System, or 'Container Tank, 

This revolutionary system omits the need for a state-of-the-art building, as it houses the entire system within 40 feet. Simply place the Holding System at the location of your choosing, and the container does the rest. Hold 10,000 pounds of live catch per container.

The ContainerTank makes for easy transportation and even easier system maintenance. Your water flow, oxygen and ammonia levels are monitored around the clock with alarms programmed to alert you if attention is needed. The best part? You can monitor all the levels right from your mobile phone. 


The Mobile Live Seafood Holding System is a 'plug and play' solution for fishers - meaning the only set up you have to do is fill it with water. The mechanical room is featured within the last 3 feet of depth of the container. Here you'll find all the necessary mechanical and electrical components, including a back up pump.

The Container Tank is the system for you if you 

Need something small but lucrative

Don't have the space (or time) for a new building to house your catch

Want your system at your site and operational 6 weeks from when you order

Want to hold 10,000 pounds of catch for at least 6 months

Call/Email us today to learn more about the revolutionary Mobile Live Seafood Holding System



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