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The APS Difference

Aqua Production Systems stands as an industry leader, thanks to our unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail throughout every step of our process.

Our dedication to perfection from start to finish ensures that you receive only the best in Aquatic Holding Solutions.

Your success is our priority, and it shows in the excellence we deliver.

Nova Scotia Exporter of the Year


  • Best price per pound improvement for reduced mortality for purging and holding

  • Engineered Airlines


  • The artery of your operation. Consistent water flow from a reliable source. Not all spots in the ocean are created equally.


  • Best price per pound operating cost, efficiency and high impact in reducing long-term holding mortality.

  • Engineered Chilling systems


  • From initial planning with engineered 3D design, APS has the industry experience, global recognition and subject matter expertise to help along every step. 


  • High impact improvement on reduced maintenance and labor costs

  • Automation


  • From the initial site visit to the final installation, APS can help design a full retrofit or a phased approach to meet your operating procedures and model.

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