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Nobody wakes up in the morning and wants to buy engineering.  As the old adage goes, "not enough money to do it right the first time, but found enough to do it twice."  One of the areas that APS has prioritized in its growth is its engineering team. 

But not just any engineers - we have built a team of engineers with pipe glue on their hands.  We have been in the trenches, we have been the guys responding to an alarm call at 2AM in a weekend snowstorm when the power flickers and shuts things down. 

We know firsthand what works and what doesn't in this industry. 

We know what it takes to operate a live seafood system 24/7/365 in a salty, humid environment with seawater.


Initially, the engineering was done internally to optimize our product delivery.  Today, every system we build is designed and reviewed by our team and then every pipe and fitting is drawn out in 3D before being built.  This has decreased our product delivery time by allowing many items to be built in our shop.  These designs have also helped cut waste in terms of time and parts because we show up on site with everything we need.  Because of our engineering team, we can deliver faster, with more competitive pricing, and less surprises for you and us!  


The key tenets of our design work are "effectiveness and efficiency".  Businesses thrive and grow when we deliver both. 

Effectiveness is the primary goal, and efficiency is its complement.  Pumps, chillers, and other equipment will last decades if they are designed, selected, and operated with effective, efficient function in mind.


APS Engineering is now taking on design projects in the seafood and land-based aquaculture industries to extend our expertise to help others achieve the same results.  When we visit sites APS built since day 1, we often have the same observations such as - "nothing has changed since day one", or, "these are the original pumps/filters/chillers".   

Engage APS as your design team so your system is always as planned.

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